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Refrain from discussions about politics and religion with your beautiful greek women family members. Those areas usually cause conflicts. Current events in sports, weather, movies may be better for a social meeting. Not everything is about having fun. Greek singles although they like to party, also are rational and intelligent. A greece lady hardly want to spend every weekend in a disco or boring movies. Develop and cultivate a hobby, like cooking, sports, etc. A greek girl will not only notice it, but it will help her appreciate you more and see in you a good material for greek dates. When you fight with Greek women dating, be a gentleman and apologize first. Usually, both parties are to blame, so someone has to admit it first. It may as well be you. Over time, you will end up having more faults on your account, so start saving the point early. If you want to be in a serious and permanent relationship, do not even think about separate vacation to relax from your greek personal. Many relationships ended this way. If you take some time off together, you have a better chance to get to know your girlfriend better and work out many problems in your relationship. It is a good practice for many more problems to come. Dating in greece is fun, but truly it is better to expect very little from your women in greece than to expect too much. The lower the expectations, the lesser the disappointments. Nobody is perfect, so working out the shortcomings and problems is what having a greece personal is all about. The better you understand it, the better off your relationship will be.